Market Research…and an old friend

I’m about to receive survey results from a selection of regional businesses, focused on their use and knowledge of GI and GIS, or lack of it.  I put it together with the Market Research Group, based at BU. Apparently we have more than 100 respondents, which makes it more ‘scientific’ than survey results in some shampoo adverts.

Focused on Consultancy, as I am, I’ll be intrigued to see the responses, I’m not aware of other recent surveys like this.

Though GI industry representatives continually mention how GIS is all important to every business,  has this news been communicated, particularly it’s use as a strategic tool?

I’ll let you know.

New Commodore 64

I’ve had this email and tweeted to me repeatedly today, and I can see why:

New Commodore 64

New Commodore 64

Takes me back to the excitement of this:

Commodore 64 Basic V2

Commodore 64 Basic V2..Ready!


Where’s that pre-order button?

All images from New Commodore 64


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