Google Under-the-Earth: Seeing beneath Stonehenge

Here’s a video offering a glimpse of the forthcoming  Google Under-the-Earth: Seeing beneath Stonehenge project due to launch soon.

I’ve been involved in this project from the inception, and I’m really pleased how the final product is shaping up. Users will be able to download a .kmz file, and then use Google Earth to explore the Stonehenge Riverside Project results, as the video teaser above shows.

We built most of this using Google’s free applications, exporting original files from Esri ArcGIS. It shows what’s achievable using the suite of Google products out there.

It’s been a real labour of love, but I’m thrilled it’s going to be made available to everyone. Have a look at Lawrence Shaw’s blog as well, he produced the fantastic tours of the landscape and added so much to the project.

News of the launch will be placed on the web pages of Bournemouth University at Google Under-the-Earth: Seeing beneath Stonehenge. The project was funded by the Google Research Program.


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