Here’s my Google and  Linkedin Profiles. There’s a brief Bio below:

My first career was as a Professional Archaeologist, working within the UK Contract Archaeology sector. It’s probably one of the last jobs in the first world that combines physical effort with mental stimulation, indoor and outdoor activities and an engagement with the past and the people who lived there.

One day, while writing up a report for a property developer, I realized there was a new computer in the corner, attached to an A3 ink-jet printer printer.  I asked my colleagues why we had this new kit, “That’s the new GIS workstation. No one knows how to use it”.

So began my second career in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and electronic surveying.

I realised I wanted to learn more about GIS and Surveying, so in 2003 took a Career Break to study the MSc in Archaeological Computing (Spatial Technologies) at Southampton University.

A Distinction led to a series of Teaching and Research Posts at Bournemouth University, including a 4 year post as Data Manager on the Stonehenge Riverside Project, funded by an AHRC Grant.

During those four years, I digitised, set-out and surveyed all the archaeological areas each field season (in 2008 we were one of the largest Archaeological projects in Europe) and managed the huge amount of spatial data the project generated. I also project managed and helped create Seeing Beneath Stonehenge, making this data available for everyone in Google Earth.

From August 2010 to October 2012 I was the GIS Development Officer at Bournemouth University’s School of Applied Sciences. I was part of the The Digital Hub, worked on National and International Research Projects, provided GIS consultancy services for clients, and created the GIS for Environmental Managers CPD delivering the first successful incarnation of this course in 2012.

From November 2012 I have been in post as Senior GIS Cartographer in Cartographic Services at the University of Southampton.